Automatic solutions

The equipment is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Automated CO2 snow blasting equipment can be implemented as a continuous operation

By installing a control cabinet, it is possible to control and monitor one or several CO2 snow blasting nozzles. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The liquid CO2 is supplied using a low pressure tank, a booster pump and an insulated CO2 ring circuit. The compressed air supply is provided either via the house network or by external compressor. The Control Unit includes latest technology for the necessary safety components, operating controls, process controls and monitoring processes. The CO2 snow blasting nozzle can be fitted with a robotic adapter and when this interface is used, it is possible to either fix the machine securely or more flexibly, adapt it to a portal or axle robot. The liquid CO2 has a temperature of approx. -20 °C when a low pressure tank is used. Therefore all pipe lines and hose systems must be thermally insulated. The booster pump and the insulation guarantee that the CO2 is always liquid even with long supply lines. The tank content is monitored completely automatically and when necessary will be filled from a gas supplier’s fuelling vehicle. This supply concept keeps operating costs low.

If the amount of CO2 used is minimal then the supply generally can be completed using either CO2 cylinders or bundles with a dip tube. Only in this case can an automation be realized with manual standard equipment and an Automatic control unit.

CO2 rengøring - robotten

Cleaning technology of the future

Cleaning with dry ice has been used for several years. More commonly used are dry ice in pellet form or blocks using a shaving technology. Both technologies are subject to high investment costs and high running costs. These factors have so far been the obstacles for establishing themselves as a general cleaning process in the industries.

PolarTech´s patented technology is the solution to the problems above.