Printing, Ink & Paint

PolarTech dry ice blasting provides a solution that means reducing cleaning time up 60 %

Reduce up to 60 % in cleaning time

Residues and build up of ink, grease, glue and lint from paper can cause alignment problems and affect registration of the printed material. Result is reduced print speed and high scrap rates. Current cleaning operations involve manual scraping and wiping, use of solvents and chemicals which again leads to prolonged downtime.

PolarTech dry ice blasting provides a solution that means reducing cleaning time up 60 % and cleaning costs by up to 80 %. The faster cleaning means less downtime. Using PolarTech technology is minimizing or even substituting completely, chemicals and solvents and thereby is a better cleaning process for both operators and the environment.

PolarTech technology is a non-abrasive and non-toxic process so there is no wear & tear or other damage to printing presses, wires or electronics. Using dry ice blasting means extended lifespan. The speed of cleaning and no necessary dismantling will increase your production. No additional secondary waste is generated so waste disposal is made easier.

The benefits of using PolarTech technology gives you a fast payback on you ROI.


  • Ink trays
  • Gears and deck guides.
  • Letter press.
  • Grippers and rollers.
  • Drums.
  • Flexography.
  • Gravure presses.
  • Side walls.

Customer Benefits

  • Faster and better cleaning.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Non-abrasive(no wear & tear).
  • No chemicals / solvents.
  • Cleaning in-situ ( no need for dismantling).
  • Dry cleaning process.
  • No secondary waste generated.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Fast return on investment.

Cleaning technology of the future

Cleaning with dry ice has been used for several years. More commonly used are dry ice in pellet form or blocks using a shaving technology. Both technologies are subject to high investment costs and high running costs. These factors have so far been the obstacles for establishing themselves as a general cleaning process in the industries.

PolarTech´s patented technology is the solution to the problems above.