Industrial applications

Reducerer rengørinsgstiden med op til 70 %

Automotive Industry

Cleaning processes in the automotive industry includes applications within auto parts (rubber & plastic), car manufacturers, tire manufacturers, automotive interiors, wheels etc… Some of the problems are buildup of adhesives, latex, paint, grease, oil, release agents, sealants, weld slag. Many of these cleaning operations involve using chemicals, water, solvents, abrasive methods. Some of these applications means spending extensive hours of manual work with the result of down time in production.

Polartech dry ice blasting technology provides a solution with one machine for all these applications. It can be both gentle or an aggressive way of cleaning. Using Polartech technology means faster cleaning and cleaning in-situ, no need for dismantling or cool down. The result is a reduction up to 70 % in overall cleaning time and a better quality.

PolarTech technology is non-abrasive (no wear & tear) non-toxic and nonconductive. It is a simple, safe and effective way of cleaning. Dry ice blasting is a environmentally friendly cleaning process. Faster cleaning, increase in productivity, lower costs of cleaning and better quality of products ensures a short payback on your ROI.


  • Weld line cleaning.
  • Tire moulds.
  • Electrical components & motors.
  • Seat and gasket moulds.
  • Filters.
  • Paint shops.
  • Wheels.
  • Engine blocks.
  • Welding xtures.
  • Automotive interiors.

Customer Benefits

  • Faster and better cleaning.
  • Cleaning in-situ.
  • No chemicals / solvents.
  • Non-abrasive (no wear & tear).
  • Reduce overall cleaning time.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Non conductive.
  • No secondary waste.
  • Easy handling and operation.
  • Environmental friendly cleaning.

Cleaning technology of the future

Cleaning with dry ice has been used for several years. More commonly used are dry ice in pellet form or blocks using a shaving technology. Both technologies are subject to high investment costs and high running costs. These factors have so far been the obstacles for establishing themselves as a general cleaning process in the industries.

PolarTech´s patented technology is the solution to the problems above.