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Dry ice cleaning has been used for many years. Most well known is the use of dry ice in pellet form or blocks which use a scraping technology. Both technologies mean high operating costs and investment.

These factors, until now, have been what have prevented dry ice blasting from being used as a general cleaning process in industry.

PolarTech’s technology is the solution to the above problems.

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Fewer operating and labor costs
Environmentally friendly

Dry ice blasting – an environmentally friendly way to clean

Dry ice blasting can remove oil, grease, release agents, glue, soot, resin, rubber and plastic debris in molds.

Dry ice blasting can minimize or completely eliminate the use of solvents, water and other cleaning agents. The technique is excellent for surface treatment before painting, gluing and can be implemented as an automatic system.

Dry ice is CO2 which is cooled to 80 degrees cold, where the gas turns into pellets (a form of ice). Using a large amount of air with a high pressure, the dry ice is blown against what you need to clean. When the dry ice ranks against what you need to clean, the frozen dry ice explodes and the dirty surface is removed.

Since CO2 is usually a gas, it disappears into the air and the impurities you remove become loose and fall down as dirt which can then be collected. Since CO2 is a gas that disappears, there is no moisture which means that electrical installation, printing and similar things can be cleaned with this.

Likewise, there will be no wear on what is cleaned, as the process is that the CO2 disappears and the dirt you remove just flies away.